5 Compelling Reasons Why Developing Micro Apps Can Help Your Business


By now, you probably know what an mobile web app is. Those are little programs that can run on a mobile operating system. It serves a purpose of delivering services and content that people would love. Now, most applications nowadays want to become jack-of-all-trades which means that although it has a lot of features,it has become so bloated that it is more confusing to use than a rather simple app. Furthermore, apps that try to do a lot of things require more time to develop and it can also result in a higher price as well. For businessmen, what should you do in order to cater to your customers without having to wait for so long to have an app ready? Well, you can do that by creating Micro Apps instead.

Why Use Micro Apps?

Before I answer this question, I want to say what it actually is. Micro apps are generally called as such because it is a simple app that does only one specific function. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why you need to use them instead of one bloated app. Below are just some of the most compelling reasons why you have to:

1. It is Highly Targeted

Micro apps are highly targeted in that they only serve one function- and it is very good at that. Most other applications try to do a lot of things at one time and your customers might get confused as there might be a lot of redundant elements in your app. If you’re going micro, it is more streamlined and that the function serves the customers directly without them having to jump through hoops.

2. It Gets Developed Much Quicker

Because it only has one specific action, micro apps require a lot less time to develop than a standard, all-in-one application. You could easily get this in a matter of weeks and you can then serve your customers at a much quicker rate.

3. It Provides the Best User Experience

A micro app is not convoluted to use and it almost always has a simple design that people can easily navigate through. This is important because you want to have an application that people would actually
use, not ones that they would uninstall because of lack of usability.

4. Each App Works in Isolation

Because micro apps usually have only one function per application, you can have a decentralized approach when it comes to debugging your apps. Your business might use 3-4 micro apps, each having a specific function of their own, and whenever one of them has a bug or other quirks, the developer can easily pinpoint and fix the problem accordingly. In other words, if one or two of your micro apps get problems due to bugs, your other apps can still be used because every application is contained in itself.

5. Easy to Code For

This is one that will make developers happy. Micro apps are quite small that it literally doesn’t take too much time to code for it. Furthermore, lines of code can easily be addressed if there are any problems in the execution, which saves you and the developers a lot of time and resources.


Businesses should look into creating micro apps for their ventures instead of using an
all-in-one approach. It can be developed much faster and it is also easy to fix as well,
saving you a lot of time and money.