8 Best Brands for the Gender-Neutra

Everything used to be quite simple back then. When a baby is deemed as a boy or a girl based on their physical features alone, parents would buy appropriate baby clothes for them.

However, we now live in a society that accounts for more gender-neutral pieces. Baby clothes, in particular, should always be worn by babies regardless of gender.

Well, there are already some brands out that that take this into account and today, I am going to be talking about some of them so that you will know.

Tobias & The Bear

This store was founded by two mum who has actually been clamoring for fun clothing that their boys can wear. Since they cannot find one that suits their tastes, they’ve decided to create their own clothing line instead. Hence, Tobias & The Bear was born.

They offer a really cool unisex collection and they are best known for having really cute prints on their clothes, including onesies, jackets, beanies, and other baby accessories.


If you are looking for very comfortable baby clothing that can last for a really long time, then you can try out stuff from the Baby Mori shop.

They offer unisex clothing from neutral colors to stripes and they also offer ones that have cute prints as well.

My only gripe with their clothing is that they are typically more expensive than other brands. But, if you want some high-quality gender-neutral clothes for your babies, then this is definitely a good choice.

Marmalade Sky

One of the most interesting things about Marmalade Sky is that all of their clothing is actually hand-made, which means that it was made with careful thought and love.

That being said, most of their clothes have punchy colors as opposed to just monotone colors. So, if you want more vibrant clothing for your baby, then Marmalade Sky happens to offer those things.


This store has actually received many awards for the clothes that they sell. They offer unisex baby clothing that comes in stylish accents and all of them are made of 100% organic cotton, which makes it ideal even for baby with sensitive skin.

Claude & Co

This company was established due to the fact that there was once a lack of gender-neutral baby clothing in stores worldwide.

They offer baby clothing with soft fabrics and they also provide them in relaxing earthy colors as well.

Organic Zoo

If you do not want to buy anything synthetic, especially when it comes to your baby’s clothes, then Organic Zoo has the items that you’re looking for.

They have gender-neutral clothes that are made of 100% organic materials, so you can rest assured that it is safe for your baby’s skin.


This company was founded back in 2012 and the reason why it was made was so that they can provide eco-friendly baby clothing that is hip and trendy at the same time.

Their motto was to provide some clothing that grandparents would choose for its impeccable quality, parents would choose for its design, and kids will choose because it is fun to wear. And, did I mention that they offer gender-neutral clothing?


Known for their stylish baby outfits, they’ve recently made some gender-neutral baby clothing of their own. You may want to try them out for your baby.