Great Restaurant Website Design: 6 Helpful Tips

Great Restaurant Website Design: 6 Helpful Tips

Include quality food images.

Quality website images are very important for restaurant owners. This is an effective way to show potential customers that your food looks amazing and delicious. This alone can help you establish your credibility, and help bring in more customers. Never underestimate the power of brilliant imagery.

Implement a good brand strategy.

Your restaurant and its website wouldn’t thrive in the digital landscape without a strong brand strategy. Check the strategies of big brands like McDonald’s. How are they reinforcing their brand online? Using big, successful brands as inspiration to improve your own business is a good initial step you can take.

Utilize a neutral background color.

Some restaurant websites use bright colors, but are those really the most appropriate colors for a website of this nature? There are actually better ways to do it. People are more fond of looking at pages would lighter colors such as light grey, cream or white.

Don’t use a splash pages.

Take note that splash pages already died years ago. Give them access to your content right away. Creating barriers would push them away to other restaurant websites with better designs.

Make your pages responsive.

At this day and age, more and more people are browsing the internet through their tablets and mobile phones. Let them access your website, and search for delicious meals even anywhere and anytime they want. A responsive layout is the way to go.

Don’t put your menu on PDF files.

What potential customers need are responsive web pages in order to properly view the menu, not PDF files. Asking them to download this PDF to look your menus is ridiculous.