How to Avoid Getting Scammed by an Affiliate Training Course: 5 Helpful Tips

  • Avoid “money on autopilot,” push button,” “turnkey” and other bad affiliate marketing techniques. 

One of the most important affiliate marketing tips you must know is that if anything appears too good to be true, then most probably, it is. Never include any detail that promises anything. For example, don’t write any blog post that makes it appear that you can solve people’s problems, 100%. 

Are you looking for the best products for affiliate marketing in Malaysia? Well, to be successful in your affiliate marketing routine and eventually get your money back, you must never stop learning new online marketing techniques. 

  • Always check multiple sources.

Before purchasing any affiliate marketing course, it’s also a great idea to check some reviews. What do other people think about it? You can check Reddit forums and Facebook to read other people’s comments on the course. Research is the key to more knowledge. Acquire all of the information you need to make informed, good buying decisions. 

  • Look for credible, trustworthy sources.

This is the important thing you must look for in any affiliate course, or any kind of course for that matter. Start by asking your friends about courses they are familiar with. A good way to finding great courses is through individuals you trust. If you don’t have family members and friends who are into the field of affiliate marketing, look for websites that publish honest reviews. 

  • Avoid those websites that recommend only one product.

Be wary of affiliate websites that recommend a single product. Of course, we all know that there is no number one product in which you can make more money from. Websites that focus only on one product is clearly just motivated by money. 

  • Avoid those affiliate marketing courses which are advertised by “affiliate marketers.”

There are plenty of YouTube personalities out there that refer to themselves as “affiliate marketers.” Beware of those people that call themselves as affiliate marketing gurus, since these are usually the same people that sell shitty courses. If you are tempted to purchase a course from a YouTuber, do your research first.