Should your newborn sleep in your bedroom or in the nursery?

Are you excited to shop for baby clothes and baby shoes in Malaysia? Buying useful and cute stuff for our newborns are exciting, but soon, we should also prepare ourselves for more challenging baby care decisions. 

Different parents have different responses when asked where their newborn child must be sleeping. Some parents would want their little one to be in the same exact room with them. Meanwhile some moms and dads would prefer their children to sleep inside the nursery

There are plenty of parenting challenges along the way, and this is one of them. It’s really hard to make a decision. Here are some pros and cons when co-sleeping. 

When co-sleeping


  • After just 1 month or 2 of co-sleeping, your newborn child must be sleeping at the same exact time as you do. It’s always better to start a healthy sleeping cycle which is advantageous for parents and child. 
  • When it comes to baby feeding time, a co-sleeping routine can eliminate the hassle moving to another room, since the kid is already at the same bed or room as you are. 
  • Babies usually sleep longer when co-sleeping. This is because your baby feels safer with this parents around. Your scent and warmth makes all the difference. 


  • Allowing your newborn to sleep in your room means saying goodbye to your sex life for many months. 
  • During the first few weeks, all the people sleeping in the same exact room as your baby would have a difficult time sleeping. Be ready to be roused during odd evening hours.
  • As your kid grows older, you would have a difficult time moving your little one to a different room or crib, since they are used to sleeping in the same room with you.