The Latest Web Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Much the same as form, web design has prevailing fashions that come and go and it tends to be hard to spot which ones will stick past next quarter. Following the latest prevailing fashion might keep you on top for the moment, however, you will rapidly discover your site obsolete and needing another facelift if that is all you have.

Great web design can solve your business needs by following tried and true trends and creating an easy and seamless user experience. It ought to be responsive, simple, accessible, and be designed for the whole deal. Here are five of the latest web design trends that are staying around route past harvest tops.

Mobile First

The world has gone absolutely mobile. Truth be told, comScore reported that mobile exceeded desktop Internet usage by 0.7% a year ago. Because of this, a responsive website is an absolute necessity.

Google even created Mobile Optimization Guidelines and on the off chance that you don’t consent, you may see a drop in your rankings. Designers have to get creative and consider what is the best method to showcase their content on these different shaped screens with different capacities. Some things to keep at the top of the priority list when designing for mobile:

  • Content ought to dependably remain the same, regardless of which device the user is on. Nothing is worse than seeing something on the desktop and then going to think that its later on your phone and having it not be there. For whatever length of time that the content is consistent, it is all right to prioritize the content differently. In the event that someone is on your site on a mobile device, they are normally searching for something specific and it is essential for them to be able to get to that data easily.
  • Interactive pieces ought to be easily accessible. Elements like menus, catches, joins, etc. ought to be considered and designed for the tap of a finger and not the snap of a mouse.
  • A speedy load time is key. Truth be told, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to stack. To help with this, get free of videos and have fewer, smaller illustrations. Foundation videos will take quite a while to stack and the same with large designs. A mobile design ought to be as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.


With the blast in website creation company sites like WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, and others, it’s become easy to surrender to a pre-made beautiful design template and harder to stand out from the group. It’s inevitable to have a client that requests a website “simply like this one.”

Where opportunity permits, break the shape and go for something different. Remain true to what makes a great website, yet go for something intense where it makes sense. Attempt a different format, introduce a new activity, including your very own design style here and there; however, don’t hinder the user’s experience in the process.


Looking over

It used to be necessary that everything you needed to state on your site must be right in the user’s face when they first landed and above the crease, however that is not the case anymore. Every brand, item, or service has a story to tell and the long-parchment can be helpful in telling this story.

This trend introduces timing, helps in route, promotes interaction, and keeps users engaged for longer. With these elements, your story will be communicated clearly and effectively.

Hero Images

The trend of utilizing a hero image fills the screen to wow the user, however more critically, give them a glance at what’s to come to make them need to dive in and learn more. When utilizing a hero image, it’s best to minimize the measure of other data on the page to really make that image the hero.

To wow the user even more and create longer engagement, make it a hero video. This gives the user an even deeper dive into what they’re going to explore. The hero image is a simple trend to pursue, however, one that makes a powerful statement. The team correspondence stage, Slack, uses a hero image and goes a step further to make it interactive with activity and a new image every time you visit the site.


Liveliness is more than only a cool element to add to your site; they are useful and breath life into your site by enhancing its storytelling. Be that as it may, it is easy to go liveliness overboard. The liveliness should add to your site’s story and the user’s experience – not the opposite. Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to do this:

  • Starting with your stacking liveliness, here is a chance to keep users engaged while they pause. Counting this liveliness demonstrates that you contemplated the user and need to keep them entertained and on your page. Even the simplest activity gives the user something to observe so they don’t leave your page.
  • Navigation movements are essential to helping the user get around your site with no problem. Especially in the event that you have adapted to the recent hamburger menu trend, the change movement is key to creating a smooth visual experience to view the full menu.
  • Hover liveliness are the intuitive method for letting the user realize that something is interactive and that they should “click here!” without saying it. They can create a sense of fun and urge the user to snap and discover more.
  • When utilizing the previously mentioned long-scroll, movements dictate the pace of the parchment. A long-scroll can’t work without them and more activities all through the page keep it interesting and help the user to keep on looking over.

These five trends simply begin to expose what’s underneath of what’s happening in the ever-changing universe of web design, however, are staples of any designer’s computerized closet. When deciding to design with new trends, nothing is set in stone, you just may wind up needing to refresh your site sooner rather than later.

Or on the other hand, whenever designed well, you may wind up with a trend that works perfectly for your site and its needs. At the core of every great web design ought to be a seamless user experience and up to a trend enhances that, it’ll be here to remain.