Wedding Planning 101: 5 Helpful Tips for Grooms

Take some moments to yourself.

You will be spending lots of time with your groomsmen, but don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself. Before the wedding ceremony, you will surely need a few minutes of silence and solitude. You can write your wedding vows, meditate, pray, and reflect.

Raise a glass.

This is one of the last things you need to do on your wedding reception. Raise a glass for your wife, your wedding day, and for the people who stood beside you along the way. Pick a bottle of your favorite liquor. Take one shot before heading out of the door, and starting the wedding after-party.

Begin your day early.

Wedding mornings are not really packed with tasks for grooms, but nevertheless, you need to start your day early. This is not the best day to sleep in. Have a healthy breakfast, and contemplate on your schedule. Distribute a copy of the schedule to your groomsmen ahead of time.

Consume a big meal.

Plan a huge meal with your guy friends before the ceremony. This may be your last meal until the wedding reception. Since you will be pulled for dancing, photos and conversations, finding time to eat would be difficult. Make sure that you are protein packed to keep you full throughout the day.

Look and feel your best.

Your future bride would look absolutely amazing wearing her luxury wedding dress in Malaysia. You must look and feel your best, too! Why not give yourself, and your groomsmen a relaxing treat? you can hire a barber, and give all of your friends a straight-razor shave.