In this post, you should know about nft cryptocurrency news . Most importantly, don’t over -expect immediate profits from stock investments; This is not a get rich quick scheme. For those who are interested in learning how to start investing in stocks properly, I recommend following these steps:


Investing Tips Number 1 – Learn The Basics About Stock Investing


The same goes for stock investing. If you do not study and have basic knowledge, do not rush to get involved. Don’t just follow other people who have been investing for a long time. Therefore, for potential new investors, it is advisable to first learn the basics of stock investing before starting to invest. Identify the terms used and understand their meaning. Learn how to trade stocks and how to identify potential counters.

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To learn these basics, you do not have to spend a lot. Can also participate in free stock investment seminars either organized by government agencies or investment experts. Or, learn from remises or dealers when opening an investing account and trading later.


Even easier, you can learn from websites like certain websites such as those online.


Investment Tips Number 2- Stock Investment Open A CDS & Trading Account


Once you know a few basic things about stock investing, you feel confident to start, and act quickly to open a CDS and trading account. Select the appropriate brokerage firm and continue to open both accounts.


Do not procrastinate for a long time, fear of losing momentum. The capital to open a CDS and trading account is not high, you only need a payment of RM 10.60, a copy of MyKad and a bank account statement.


For more info on these two accounts, you can read more down below.


Investment Tips Number 3: Stock Investment Provide Investment Capital Willing To Burn


In an investment, the loss is certain, the profit is uncertain. Especially for relatively risky investments such as stock investments. Therefore, for new investors who just want to start investing in stocks, it is encouraged to provide capital that can be burned first to start.

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Do not use money for a wedding, or for a home purchase deposit, or a car purchase deposit, as initial stock investment capital. Or money for the purchase of daily necessities for yourself or family members. Easy story, make sure the initial capital provided is surplus money that is not needed in the near future. Yes, who knows later when investing, the capital is burnt, it is difficult to cover the other important expenses.


And more importantly, make sure the capital is your own money, not borrowed from other people or parties.


Investment Tips Number 4: Stock Investment Buy Some Stock Counters


Then, in this post, you need to start stock investment with CDS and trading accounts are already there, the initial capital is already there, so now you can try to buy some stock counters that you feel have potential.


Get the help of a dealer or remise to use the online trading platform from the brokerage company where the CDS and trading accounts are opened. Familiarize yourself with the variety of stock counter names, buy and sell buttons, buy and sell prices, as well as transaction confirmation periods.


To conclude, make wise choices based on the knowledge learned.


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