Teachers often use computer-based technology to support their teaching. More specifically, they use computers to access and use the Internet. The teacher points out that the most useful feature of the Internet is easy to access to the information it provides. Although it has been well researched that teachers often use computers and the Internet, little is known about what, when, why, and how World Wide Web information is used by educators. Even so, many important questions about teachers’ use of the Internet, especially in their professional practice, are either ignored or just for a moment. In fact, there is very little literature published in this area. The following questions remain unanswered: How do teachers navigate the Internet? Which website do they use; and how did they find this site? And more specifically, how do teachers use education websites to schedule lessons? The Internet has the potential to revolutionize teaching.

Online tools for teachers include inquiry-based teaching methods, classroom interventions, effective lesson plans, practices, and simulations. Teachers are key to implementing any educational reform and potentially providing a practical, easily accessible, and research-based website, which makes it important for the research community to begin examining how this technology influences teaching and learning and how it actually works. Used. Therefore, the purpose of this exploration article is to study how prospective teachers use the internet while completing lessons, to guide and thus facilitate the development of evidence-based literacy education websites. Disseminating effective teaching strategies through the Internet,

The rapid growth of the Internet may affect the use of teachers and students and examine its use in the 1998 National Survey. They also show that they use the internet to find sources of information that can be used in their lessons (75%), and e-mail to communicate with other teachers (20%).

The Internet is probably the most valuable of the many computer technologies available to teachers and students. In the current study, it was found that teachers use the internet not for teaching purposes, but for the use of professional technology related to their daily needs such as preparing lecture notes, taking student notes, and writing lesson plans Or notes. One of the most frequently reported uses of technology by teachers is providing papers for classes, and 66% of teachers report using the internet to report at least once a week. In addition, nearly half of teachers report using a computer at least once a week for student record-keeping and assessment (50%) and sometimes use email to communicate with parents.

The most notable finding was that almost half of the teachers surveyed reported that they used the internet for lesson plans or notes (45%). Overall, research surveys found that the majority of teachers use technology to support their teaching, and most of these uses occur outside of classroom time.

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In the survey report, it was observed that teachers use computers not only during teaching, but also to create teaching materials, collect information to make lesson plans, take notes, use email to communicate with colleagues, and send homework and homework online. Teachers use the internet, personal computer, pc tablet, and smartphones for making teaching resources, keeping managerial records, communicating with colleagues, gathering information to plan lessons, delivering multimedia classroom presentations, accessing research and best practices for teaching, communicating with parents or students, and accessing model lessons.

The Internet is used by teachers; The use of computers for education is to ask students to use technology to develop products or facilitate their learning, send emails, complete lessons and keep records as well as for personal use. the use of teacher technology for presentations, the use of teacher-directed student technology, the use of teacher technology for special education and housing, the use of teacher email, and the use of technology by teachers to take notes.

Teachers report that, outside of all categories, they most often use technology for email preparation and business. Different research reports show that teachers rarely use technology during lessons; on the other hand, teachers often use technology outside of the classroom. More specifically, they use technology to prepare lessons and also use email for professional communication. Teacher skills improved, either through their own experience, professional development, or pre-service training, they can lead to large-scale technology use outside the classroom but have a smaller impact on instructional use in the classroom.

Teachers use the Internet to review and identify appropriate resources for education to develop the current curriculum and create effective presentation forms to ensure appropriate integration and further learning.

Teachers search and select resources on the internet; although it is known that teachers use the internet during lesson preparation and there are many websites for online lesson preparation, it is still unclear how teachers use the internet during lesson preparation. For the best internet service, apply Time Malaysia internet.

How are teachers navigating through the Internet for Lesson Planning?