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Share online with SharePoint

SharePoint has been more talked about during the pandemic than in the past. Indeed, it is now, with remote collaboration becoming business practice, that the Microsoft solution proves to be as useful as it is available. Not a few companies have underestimated the importance of having easily available with SharePoint a software that allows you to do many things (such as developing projects directly within the application, sharing files, managing and organizing the work of project management and product groups management) and which becomes a formidable tool for sharing projects online.

Also from a security point of view, SharePoint offers a series of guarantees to collaborate and share documents and projects online safely.

Collaborate online with Teams

Those who got used to SharePoint during the pandemic did even more with Teams. Being able to carry out video meetings in safety with anyone, inside or outside the organization, was in fact the first need to manifest itself to give continuity to the work when the distancing demolished the physical office, transforming it into a place. The strength of Teams, we have all learned, is that not only can you see and talk with high-quality audio and video, but that the application makes available what you need to manage a meeting like in person, for example sharing the monitor or file in Excel and PowerPoint, and even something more, such as the ability to record and transcribe the conversation. 

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Always without sacrificing safety

Audit, encryption, hardening, monitoring

There are four key aspects to worry about before being able to collaborate securely online, protected from external threats from cybercriminals, from superficial user behaviour and from the risk of compromising your database. Let’s see what they are.


Since the start of the pandemic, the migration of network shares to the cloud has been a key aspect to enable work from home. Information and data in the cloud must be used wherever you are, but access to the various areas of the Data Base must be made possible only for selected users. Once logged in, it is good to know which activities are performed on each individual data, from modification to cancellation.

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