Many of us are amateur home decorators. We love combining our creativity and artistic spirit in the realm of our home. So many wonderful things can happen when you decide to manifest the artistic spirit into bringing personality into the home.

In today’s time, creativity is no longer cornered into the walls of our own home but also into the metaphorical walls of the internet. People love expressing their creativity and their work online. It is not only inspiring to ourselves but also inspirational to hundreds of others who are looking for some home decor. Some of them have just moved into their new homes in Kota Kemuning while others are looking for inspiration to revamp their home look. 

Are you ready to ready to share your design tips and home decor tips with a very interactive audience? One of the best ways you can share your love for home decor and creativity is by expressing it through a blog. Blogging is incredibly popular, even in 2021. Many argue that since it is 2021, the written content does not have as much power as does video or pictures. This is a greatly misunderstood concept as people still read and consume content. 

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Video does hold incredible power in the online medium but so does blogging. Blogs even can be monetized so that you can earn a passive income. So do you still want to start your own blog? Let’s discuss how!

First of all, when choosing to blog, we have to choose a niche. If you want to focus on home decor, you already have a topic and niche in mind. But you can further specialize yourself and even talk about only kitchen decor or just bathroom decor ideas.  You can talk about bringing wellness to your home through home decor or even talk about how to match personality with home decor. The niche is dependent on your passions. Writing about what motivates you and keeps you creative provides much more engaging content.  So it is important to think about what is the most important topic to you!

Secondly, we have to decide on a name for our blog. Your name should be something you can use as a domain and something definitely related to your niche. This not only increases your chases of being more visible online it also makes it easier for people to identify you and your purpose.

Next up comes the more technical side of creating a blog. Once you have your domain name, you should choose to host for your website. The hosting gives you all the requirements for you to build your site and have storage for content.  There are so many hosting choices available on the internet so make sure to choose carefully! 

After you have figured out your domain and hosting, now is the time to choose WordPress as your blogging platform. There are various content management systems available on the internet but the WordPress is one of the most versatile free tools available for bloggers. You can create your own customized theme for the website, install plugins such as SEO plugins, contact forms, and even tools to customize the design of your web pages. WordPress is beginner-friendly but it may take time before we learn how to use all the various functions of the website. 

Now that you are ready to go, keep creating content that is related to your niche. Your content can even be pictures and videos of your newly decorated home in Kota Kemuning

Starting  Your Own Home Decor Blog 
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