With the continuous development of modern science and technology and the flourishing of a large number of high and new technologies represented by microelectronics, information, biology, aerospace, new energy, new materials, agriculture, etc., transforming the economic structure and production methods of mankind, bringing great benefits to mankind and making our lives more and more exciting. 

  1. Medical

The breakthroughs in synthetic insulin, cloning technology and stem cell research have undoubtedly built up confidence in overcoming various difficult diseases and made people look forward to a better life.

  1. Agricultural food security

The large-scale promotion of genetically modified insect-resistant cotton can be said to be a typical success story of agricultural biotechnology applications. But the success is not only reflected in this, similar technology has also been well applied in rice, wheat and other research areas. These advances in science and technology and their popularisation have undoubtedly all played an important role in improving the quality of human life and enriching human lifestyles.

  1. Network information

The use of the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of life, and its influence on life is “pervasive”. It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without it, as it has brought enormous benefits and advantages to life. So the biggest impact the internet has had on life is that we can no longer live without it.

  1. Expansion of education methods

With the development of communication technology, the teaching mode is also changing, from the previous form of education mainly in the form of board books to the use of multimedia. The application of the Internet to education has replaced the single “class teaching system” with a diverse network of classes, changing the traditional fixed teacher-student relationship and making it possible to teach in different locations and learn online. The use of the Internet has made it easy to access educational materials from all over the world and to exchange information and share resources; the development of Internet technology has also made it possible for people who cannot attend school to acquire the necessary knowledge.

However, with the rapid development of science and technology and the dramatic growth of modern industrial production, environmental pollution has become increasingly global and poses a threat to the survival of humanity as a whole, with specific environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer hole and acid rain all needing urgent solutions. At the same time, the activities of mankind in using science and technology to make unlimited demands on nature have led to damage and disintegration of ecological processes, i.e. the structure and function of ecosystems, on a global scale or in local areas, thus jeopardising the interests of mankind and threatening its survival and development.

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The Positive Impact Of Science And Technology On Human Life