The viscosity increases due to initial swelling and dissolution when we applying heat to the starch and water mixture. Here now you want to use a thickening agent malaysia that can instantly insert a creamy and flavorful texture to any flavorful or sugary recipe. Here’s a helpful guide in Malaysia for you wherein you can get help as you need to understand the process of cooking starches and gums to a gel-like consistency which is used to help to thicken sauces, stews, and fillings, etc. 

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you have a bit of a complicated question like what is a Thickening agent and how can you use it in  Malaysia? you are trying to make a vegan hollandaise sauce with coconut oil now you are adding some starch slurry into your soy milk with a little xanthenes gum and gently heating it up while whisking, you then stream your coconut oil into the mix and sometimes it emulsifies beautifully, sometimes it doesn’t and you have to wait for it to cool down and blend it.

There are two stages of swelling for starches to thicken are as under:

Gelatinization:  Heat Irreversibly disrupts the semi-crystalline structure of the uncooked starch granule. This process allows you to amylase and amylopectin starch granules to solubilize and absorb the water and begin swelling.

Bonding: To achieve maximum thickness, the second stage requires the starch suspension to be heated a few degrees above gelatinization temperature. It is also necessary to stir beating the sauce to avoid lumps. This process allows the starches to swell independently of each other while the heat reaches the final cooking temperature for maximum thickness.

You aren’t sure if you can add your oil along with the slurry and gum? Will it prevent the starch and gum from hydrating? You will try it out but want to know if you have any experience with something like this.


You have been working on a sugar-free caramel in Malaysia using coconut palm sugar, cream, and butter. The taste is wonderful and much better than sugar. Leaving only a very light and translucent coating. You are already known with the concept of cornstarch, arrowroot, and xanthenes gum, but can you recommend anything else for this particular application.

translucent coating. You are also well-known with the following product cornstarch, arrowroot, and xanthenes gum, but can you suggest anything else for this meticulous claim?

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What Is A Thickening Agent And How Can You Use It In Malaysia?