In recent decades, many media news and scientific studies, such as playing games this thing big and small reports, are pointed out that addiction to games is the culprit that leads to children being unmotivated to learn, myopia, a little carelessness, children are prone to game addiction, but also seriously affect the development of children’s future, and even lead to children going astray, leading to the invisible bomb of family breakdown. 

However, Action games exercise the player’s brain and improve their cognitive skills in a number of ways. The eyes of people who play action games regularly are more likely to notice details and have greater visual contrast sensitivity than those who do not play games, while players have greater spatial imagination and can rotate objects in their minds with greater precision. From a psychological point of view, the speed of processing information is an important indicator of a person’s cognitive function and action games have, to some extent, proved to be an excellent tool for improving one’s reaction time. 

Why don’t parents like their children playing games? Some parents don’t like their children playing games because they neither enjoy nor approve of playing games themselves. Some parents reckon their children are not yet old enough to know what they might face in the future, they can only approximate it to figure out what they should do in the future. But these are all referred to as self-determinism, the need to return a sense of control to the child so that he or she can truly grow.

For instance, some parents think that they can’t handle their own lives, so they take care of what they can, their children. So parents nowadays are idealistic enough to think that if they keep their child thinking that he can handle his life, and if there is something he can’t handle, they are optimistic that he will be able to handle it in the future, then they think, he will be able to handle the game. 

It is in the nature of children to love to play. Parents are the helmsmen of their children’s course, not tyrants on the throne. Controlling your child is always the next best thing because sooner or later the tyrant will be overthrown. If you don’t let him do it, he will have to do it secretly, and when he is able to confront you head-on, then you will never be able to pull back.

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Why Do Some Parents Dislike Their Children Playing Games?