All manga fans know how satisfying it is to be able to flip through your manga in your hands. Well, not everyone can afford the luxury of buying all their favorite manga, therefore it is always nice to have options of where to read their favorite manga. For example, you can read one punch man manga online Malaysia right here on MangaLegacy, but that’s not the only manga on there that you’ll love! Here is a list of some of the best manga you can read online. 


Jujutsu Kaisen 

Jujutsu Kaisen is a comedy-action manga about a track and field genius, Yuuji. He is very happy in his Research Club and has little interest in running around on the track. He’s only in the Occult Research Club for fun but things start to get a lot more serious when a spirit shows up at his school.


One Punch Man 

This is an action-comedy that is all about Saitama, a young man that has a ridiculously lifeless expression on his bald head. He also has a regular physique, but he’s not all that average, as it turns out. Why, you ask? Saitama is actually a superhero who can defeat any opponent with just one punch, hence the title of the manga. He is also easily bored if his opponent doesn’t challenge him much. 


One Piece

One Piece is another famous manga series that can be read on MangaLegacy. The story entails the adventures of Monkey D Luffy, who has all of a sudden evolved his body into a rubber-like state after he accidentally ate a Devil Fruit. Him and his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, will explore the Grand Line to find the dead King of the Pirates ultimate treasure, known as One Piece so that he can become the next King of the Pirates. 


Spy X Family

This manga follows the story of a spy who is on a mission to build a family. What he doesn’t know is that the girl he adopted as his daughter, is a mind reader and the woman he marries is actually a skilled assassin. He must now learn how to play the role of the perfect father and husband, so that he can complete his mission.

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Everyone, including non-otakus, know about the manga and anime Naruto. The story follows Naruto Uzumaki, who is a young ninja who has always dreamt about being the Hokage, the leader of his village. He is always seeking recognition from his peers for this dream. The story follows the pre-teen years of Naruto’s life, and then in his teens. 


If you have always wanted to read any of these well-known mangas, or perhaps you have always wanted to try to read a manga if you’re an anime-fan, MangaLegacy is the best place to do so. The options that they have listed on their website are endless, and apart from this short list, there are many more new mangas and more well-known mangas which are listed on their website that you should definitely check out!


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