So, you fired up your favorite web browser and you want to play some games at your online casino. One of the recommended games that day is blackjack but you do not know how to play it. Well, do not worry as this article will serve as your simple guide to blackjack. I will tell you everything that you need to know and more, so stay tuned.

How Do You Win in this Game?

The most common question that is asked by people that want to play the game of blackjack is how do you actually win? Well, the game’s objective is really simple. All you need to know is that you want to reach the number 21 and you will only have a pair of cards to rely on.

You see, each card that you are dealt with corresponds to a numerical value. You will win the game if you beat the dealer’s hand and you can only do that if your card pair reaches 21 or close to 21.

The dealer will be your only opponent which makes the game so much more fun and less nerve-wracking since you do not have to contend with other players. However, other players can choose to sit beside you in the blackjack table but they are just going to be there to fight against the dealer as well.

Value of the Cards

After receiving your pair of cards (which will be handed to you after your initial wager), you will have a choice of things that you can do. What you decide to do will influence the outcome of the game. Here are the basic commands:

Hit- You can ask the dealer to give you another card if you are unhappy with what you got

  • Stand- The stand is where you will choose to keep your current hand and the round proceeds as normal
  • Double- As the name implies, the double down is pretty much where you double your original wager to get more rewards. If you decide to double, you will also get an additional card as well
  • Split- Splitting your hand can only happen if you are dealt the same value of cards. For example, 8-8 or 2-2, and so on. Since you will be splitting the cards, you will essentially have two pairs of cards. That also means that you’d have to double your original wager. Do note that this is optional as you can keep your original hand if that is what you prefer.
  • Surrender- This is where you will forfeit the game because you are dealt a bad hand. The good thing is that you are not really going home a loser since you will get half of your original bet.

Value of the Cards

  • Numbered Cards- Retain their original pip value. For example, 10 of hearts is equivalent to 10 points
  • Face Cards- Also known as the Royal cards, each card is equivalent to 10 points
  • Ace- The most valuable card in the game. The ace card can either be 1 or 11 points in value and you get to decide which one it should be.
Your Simple Guide to Blackjack- What You Need to Know and More